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Girl's Medium Hello Kitty Upcycled Mystical Rainbow tie dye short ruffled sleeve shirt.


Every Upcycled item is ONE OF A KIND. There is now and only will be this one.


To Dye for Tees Upcycled line gives new life to clothes that would otherwise be thrown out, put in storage or donated to who knows where. Majority of clothing donated to To Dye for Tees is given to Gifts to Give in Achushnet, MA. We chose this non-profit because they directly help children who are currently in foster care by giving them care packages suited to their specific age, likes and needs. Items not able to be used in care packages are sold in Gifts to Give thrift store where the profits are used to support the nonprofit. These items are priced to sell in hopes to help men and women in their journey to attaining their goals. If you have clothing you would like to donate, please contact Nikki today by email ( or To Dye for Tees on Facebook and Instagram.

Girls Medium Hello Kitty Mystical Rainbow Tie Dye Upcycled Shirt

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